Up until recently, when people talked about an outlet store, chances are that they were talking about an actual store that you drive to and get good deals on products ranging from English muffins to a dining room set depending on the type of outlet. But, with the advent of the internet and the growth of the online shopping industry, you can now do your outlet shopping online. There are advantages to both types of shopping and chances are you know where to find an outlet store in your neighborhood or metro area. Either way you will be getting deals that it would be hard to find elsewhere.

Bargain Shop?

Bargain shoppers are always looking for the best deals on brand name, high end, and high quality products. They are constantly on the lookout for ways to save money while still getting what they want. An outlet store is one way that they can do that. Outlets offer prices that are consistently lower by 30 to 70 percent or more than those you would find at a regular retailer. You can shop at a free-standing outlet that is not connected to any other outlet, or you can go to an outlet center or mall that has several stores connected together of different types just like a regular shopping center or mall.


The quality of the products that you will find at an outlet store varies. You can get first quality products which are in perfect condition, but may have been overstocked or discontinued. Or, you can get second quality, which may have a minor cosmetic flaw in it. Usually the product is still completely usable, but it just is not able to sell at a regular retailer-so it was sent to an outlet store.


Outlets operate on the principle of more direct selling. By cutting out some of the other levels between the manufacturer and the seller, the price is lowered and the item comes more directly to the buyer from the seller.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Outlet Shopping

The advantage of going to an actual outlet store is that you are able to see the product and check it out before you buy it. You will be able to make visual and hands-on comparisons of the other available products as well. The disadvantage being that you actually have to travel there, and they may not have what you are looking for at that particular outlet store. On the other hand, if you try outlet shopping online you will be able to shop quickly at a number of different sites.

You will not find an outlet store with the variety that you can get when you are shopping online. Other online outlets are run by a single manufacturer and serve as a clearinghouse for their discontinued or overstock merchandise. You can often find a link to a company’s outlet store on their main site. There are basically two disadvantages of this type of outlet shopping-number one, you can’t see the product before you buy it, and two you have to have the item shipped which can be costly unless the retailer offers deals on the shipping. You should make sure you understand the warranty and return policies before you purchase anything online.

Outlets remain a great way to get everything from groceries to entertainment centers. If you don’t want to do a lot of shopping around for a good deal, you can rest assured that you will see some savings if you shop at an outlet. So, take a little trip, or make a few clicks and go shopping.